Every spring you do a “Spring Cleaning” but if you follow these simple tips for winter cleaning when it comes time for spring half of that spring cleaning will be done and you can get out and enjoy it.

  1. Purge, go through all of your books, toys if you have a child and all your summer clothes that you have been saving but still know that you won’t ever truly wear, also go through all of your winter clothes that you no longer wear.
  2. Clean your oven with all the holidays that we go through in the winter months your stove could use a good cleaning useful tip use a baking soda paste leave its sit for an house and them just wipe off with water and a sponge, less harmful than the cleaning sprays that you buy from the stores.
  3. Deep clean the carpets and floors with all the salt and snow that gets tracked in take the time to really deep clean them.
  4. Clean out your cupboard or pantry and  get rid of all the old and expired food and while your in there clean off the actual shelves with a wash cloth.
  5. Clean your kitchen ceiling and the door frames, you never really know how many small food particles are attracted to your ceiling it could use a really good cleaning.