With spring just right around the corner it’s that time of year again where we can open the windows up and let the fresh in but also that time of year where the spring cleaning starts. Follow these tips and tricks to make spring cleaning go smooth and easy.

  1. Tackle one room at a time so you are able to focus on the stuff that needs to be deep cleaned.
  2. De-clutter- go through all the junk drawers, all the dressers, closet’s and go through all of your kid’s toy’s get rid of all the stuff that you don’t use, wear, or that they don’t play with anymore.
  3. Give your oven a good cleaning with a natural cleaner of baking soda and vinegar.
  4. Clean shower head of the build up with white vinegar, fill a zip lock bag with the vinegar secure it to the shower head and leave over night make sure you turn the shower on before you jump in so you are not smelling like vinegar all day long.
  5. Got a pet? Use the rubber end of a squeegee to pull up all the hair from your pet. After your done run the vacuum over the area to pick up the extra hair on the surface.