Spring is a great time to organize and de-clutter your home!

Some things to consider doing during your Spring cleaning are:

1. Go through your closet: get rid of or donate any clothing you don’t wear anymore. Do you think you still have a lot of clothes after getting rid of some? Try this, turn all of your clothes hangers the opposite direction and each time you wear something turn it back around. After a couple months, go through your closet again and get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn.

2. Clean your cabinets: over time things can build up both on the inside and outside of your of your cabinets. Going through bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets to clean them out in the Spring can help make things feel cleaner and less cluttered. When going through cabinets make sure to check expiration dates.

3. Clean you floors: cleaning your floors in the Spring will help make your home feel cleaner and more welcoming. Cleaning them in the Spring will help remove all of the salt, sand, and other things that may have been brought into your house form outside from the winter.

4. Clean your refrigerator: take time in the Spring to make sure you clean out your entire refrigerator, both inside and out. Make sure to clear out our entire refrigerator and clean the removable shelves in warm soapy water.

For some tips on successful Spring cleaning, visit the website below.