With the holiday season coming up people tend to think you can’t be festive and save money but following this simple tip you can have a happy holiday energy saving year.

  1. Replace all of your holiday lights with LED’s they are more expensive at first but in the long run you will be saving a lot more on your energy bill and they also can last up to 20 years, that’s a savings in it’s self.
  2. Use a timer to set your indoor and outdoor light to run only during the early evening hours, if you don’t use a timer turn your lights off when you leave your house or when you are sleeping saving you more money on your energy bill.
  3. Save energy and use only about $0.17 worth of it by cooking an entire meal inside of a crockpot.
  4. When having people over this holiday season setting your thermostat between 66 and 68 is a comfortable temperature for most people and lowering your heat by even 1 degree can reduce your energy by 1-3%..
  5. With all the visitors up for the holiday season if you set your hot water heater to 120 degrees you can cut your heating cost by 10%.