Who doesn’t love a road trip? Whether you take one with your kids, friends, or even by yourself, follow these few simple tips to make the best out of your road trip!

1.Take a plastic cereal container, put a plastic bag in it, and put the lid back on. Why do this? Now you have a portable spill proof garbage can.

2. Start your road trip early in the morning. There will be less cars on the road, which means less traffic. This will allow you to get a good night sleep to keep you refreshed and ready to drive.

3. Are you traveling with kids? Are they always asking for a snack? Try using a shower caddy to put a small meal or snack inside to keep it mess free and easy for the kids to handle.

4. You should also prepare an emergency kit. Things to include would be small basic tools, a flashlight and spare cash. Other things to have would be important phone numbers, basic stuff to help you in the event that your car breaks down, and a small gas can in the trunk.

5. Make sure to fill up your gas tank before hitting the road. This way you won’t have to stop so early on. The GasBuddy app is a easy and quick way to find the cheapest gas prices along your route. You may also want to plan stops around when you need gas to cut down on the number of stops you make so you get to your destination sooner!