Time for School!

Everyone gets excited about going back to school and getting everything they need. This can also be a stressful time of year. Going back to school means a lot of “new” things for a lot of kids and can put a strain on parents. Why not make things easy and less stressful this time of year? Take a look at a few tips on what you can to help organize yourself and make it an exciting time of year!

-Shopping checklists: have checklists can help a lot because you know exactly what you need and you don’t forget anything.

-Tax free shopping weekends: did you know some states have tax free weekends for different things? Make sure you check out when the tax-free weekends are and what qualifies. This could help save you some money.

-School supplies: these lists can be long, but make sure you have your school supply list, so you have everything you need for the school year. School supplies will help students have a great year and be able to learn so much by having the right supplies.

-Lunch planning: ever think about talking to your kids and making a list of things they may want for lunch? If you do this, you can easily pull out the list and ask your kids what they want for lunch for the coming week.

-Sports: do your kids play any sports throughout the school year? Make sure to think about this too because you may be able to get things they need on sale when doing other school shopping instead of waiting until just before they start playing.

Have a great school year!