I remember my very first apartment. Way back when ~~~ never mind we won’t go there. I used a round patio table with two old tippy lawn chairs. The chairs were the plastic web kind. And if you leaned to far to either side you would tip over. I remember having a small party with friends, and having them bring there own lawn chair to sit in. The drinking age at that time was 18. Lets just say it was a fun tippy lawn chair kind of party. In my living room I had a daybed that was couch by day and bed by night. My end tables were tv trays, which were used as my dinner table many nights. Thinking back on those times, I have to laugh at how little I had for furnishings. But it worked and I can now appreciate the room I have to serve my big family.

Having a big kitchen and dining area can be a luxury that many apartments just simply don’t have. Fitting a kitchen table into a small space can be next to impossible. One option is to turn your counter space into a bar. If your counter has an extension by about a foot, you can grab some stools to create a makeshift bar. The same can be done with a window by creating a window seat. It gives you room to eat and provides a nice view.

Dining tables for small spaces are plentiful if you know what to look for. Drop-leaf tables, for example, provide a nice surface for eating while folding away when you don’t need it. Drop-leaf tables come in many varieties and can work with almost any budget. TV trays come in an abundant of styles to match your decor. You may also find a small apartment table that is especially tall, called a pub table. These tables act sort of like the bar idea and allow chairs or stools to fit neatly underneath. And don’t forget about a compact dining table that can double as shelf space. Your kitchen and dining room may be tiny, but with these easy fixes, you’ll be able to find space for a dining table easily. Don’t forget to check out thift stores or Habitat for Humanity. You can usually find awesome things for your apartment. Just remember, you don’t have to spend a lot to furnish your first apartment. Have Fun.