Fall is not that far away! Trying to come up with some creative ways to decorate without breaking the bank? Check out these few ideas and if you are still looking for more, try googling fall budget friendly decorations for more ideas.



  1. Make Fall Candles: buy some pumpkins and carve them to make candles/lanterns. You can carve big or small ones and can make them any design you want. You could also paint the pumpkins different colors to add some extra color.
  2. Use items from outside: you could use sticks, small logs, leaves, pine cones, or anything else you might find outside to do a variety of decorations. You could make centerpieces, corner decorations, shelf decorations, and so much more.
  3. Paint mason jars: you can paint them any color you want and then make them into vases or luminaries. You could write something on them or leave them a solid color.
  4. Make a wreath: you can make them out of leaves, pine cones, or branches and then add a few other items to add color or pop to them and hang them up.
  5. Fabric Crafts: use left over fabric you have laying around or get some smaller pieces from the store and make some crafts. You could make toilet paper pumpkins (wrap a roll of toilet paper in fabric to make a pumpkin) or stuff some fabric to make a fall decorative pillow. You could also make a hand towel or a sign from fabric to hang up too.