Are you planning on traveling anytime soon? If you are traveling alone, with family, or with friends, follow these 5 simple hacks and make the best of your traveling.

  1. Do you tend to overpack your clothes? They say that if you roll your clothes, you will give yourself more space for all of your clothes. You can also avoid wrinkles by rolling them.
  2. If you plan on traveling out side of the country they say that if you take a picture, or scan your passport and send it to your email, it will be a lot easier to replace it then if you had not scanned the document.
  3. You can also stick a dryer sheet in your luggage so it can help your clothes stay fresh and clean smelling!
  4. Make sure you call your credit or debit card company so your authorized for vacation purchases. You’ll want to make sure they know so you have no access to own money when and if you need it.
  5. Another thing to do is to bring an empty water bottle to the airport. Since you can’t get through security with any liquids, once you get through security you will be able to go over to a water fountain and fill up your water bottle. This is much better than paying six dollars for a bottle of water!